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Active Amusements is a leading supplier of Digital Jukeboxes throughout the Western Cape, South Africa. The rental or revenue share of our digital jukebox systems couldn’t be easier and offers you outstanding audio and video quality with our jukebox creating the perfect atmosphere in your bar,tavern, pub, club, sport club, private members club, restaurant or entertainment venue.


Our PlayG8  digital  jukeboxes are a lot smarter than your conventional CD jukebox and MP3 players, allowing your customers to choose the tracks they want while giving you full control over the range of music offered.

We can supply the system and connect it to your sound system in your restaurant. The system can be set to random play and you do not have to use any other music system at your venue. The system can also be set to work without coin and can be rented on a monthly base. Music updates are included in the monthly rental rates

A Digital Jukebox attract customers and increase revenue.

A digital jukebox generates income both directly, via customers paying to listen to their favourite tracks, and indirectly, by encouraging customers to spend time at your venu.

Our  touch screen jukebox music system can be expertly installed to fit any size venue and with over 20 000 songs and dvd’s and 19 genres on our digital jukebox machines,  it means that you can have a wide  selection of music for your customers.

We do from the basic installation to professional installation

Basic installation(Jukebox, speakers, volume control)

Professional installation include connecting the jukebox to Plasma’s for dvd videos and advertisements.

Before any installation we will ask your requirements and give our recommendations



  Our jukebox


  • have no cd’s, so no stuck or skipping track;

  • are self-contained in one wall mounted unit;

  • have an easy to use touch-screen.

  • are updated every month with the latest tracks;

  • have over 20 000 tracks and 19 genres to select

  •  run static and video advertisements

  • have random play, happy hour and auto shutdown scheduling function

  • have playlist function that can be setup for any type of function or party

  • have play next function to overwrite playlist

  • can operate without coins for monthly rental clients like restaurants

  • can be integrated with clients own sound system



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